Sod Installation in Nolensville

Knights Landscaping Construction And Design is proud of the properties in Nolensville, and we believe that property owners and managers should be, too! The quickest way to have a full and beautiful lawn is by laying sod. We’re happy to offer lawn installation services as well as sod replacement services if one or more of your pallets hasn’t taken properly. Grass installation can be a big job—and it has to be done right. Trusting Knights Landscaping Construction And Design means trusting that your investment will pay off as a beautiful green space for years to come.

Knights Landscaping Construction And Design’s Lawn Sod Installation Options

If you are looking to transform your property into a lush, green lawn, choose between our two main sodding options.

  1. A seeded lawn. We will prep your lawn by laying extra soil or fertilizer. We will sow seeds into your lawn. With the care and maintenance from our landscape contractors, your grass will grow and fill in sparse patches as necessary.
  2. Laying sod. Sod is a pallet of grass. These pallets measure several square feet and are laid on a lawn after assessing the soil’s ability to support it. There may be visible seams between the pallets at the beginning, but these fill in quickly as the sod takes to the soil. The effect is a luxurious lawn in a fraction of the time.

High-Quality Lawn Sod

If your lawn is looking dull or tired, call Knights Landscaping Construction And Design. We will save your grass and bring it back to life. How, you ask? With sodding of course! Laying sod will restore the health of your lawn and will boost its strength making it resistant to weeds, run offs and insect or pests. Our services will enhance the look of your landscape––guaranteed! Your lawn will instantly look better with the care and maintenance of our sodding specialists.

Our professionals will take the hassle out of tired lawns. The benefits of choosing us for the job are in the savings, the efficiency of the work and the promptness. Our team consists of experienced experts who will properly lay down new lawn or turf, will level the site, install new sod or soil and will always, guarantee the best results. Let us help with the upkeep of your investment. We invite you to call us today, so that you can see the quality of our sod installations.

Why Install a Sod Lawn?

Hiring sod installers can provide you with many benefits over traditional lawn installation. When it comes to creating a beautiful and healthy lawn as quickly as possible, nobody can compete with sod companies. Some of the reasons you should consider hiring us for your new lawn include:

  • Provides a full lawn right away
  • Requires less irrigation to maintain
  • Creates a denser lawn
  • Prevents soil erosion
  • Provides a strong foundation to establish a healthy lawn

If you have any questions about our process for laying sod or if it would be right for you, we invite you to reach out to us and speak with one of our experts.

Consult with Our Sod Installers

First and foremost, we want our clients to feel completely comfortable when hiring us. This is one of the reasons that we make sure to begin every job with an in-depth consultation to work out all of the details of the upcoming installation. This also gives us an opportunity to inspect your property and provide you with an upfront estimate of the sod installation cost.

Efficient Sod Installation on Every Job

Our careful planning process and skill for laying sod, combined with its already fast installation process, ensure that we provide you with a beautiful new lawn in the quickest time frame possible. When you don’t want to spend the growing season waiting for your grass to sprout, you can’t beat the convenience of our swift and simple sod installation. The quality of our results plus the speed of our service is guaranteed to leave you wondering how we did it.

Beautiful Lawn Installation At a Price You Will Love

Our low prices on professional sod laying make us the easy choice for installing a new lawn on your property. We keep a lean crew and have strong professional relationships with sod suppliers that allow us to keep our prices reasonable. Our honest and affordable rates have aided us in creating many happy clients, and we hope to count you among them next time you are looking to enhance your property with a beautiful new lawn.

Your Source for Flawless Sod Installation

With years of experience and a strong attention to detail, you can feel confident that your landscape is in good hands with Knights Landscaping Construction And Design. We approach every job with the utmost dedication and promise never to accept anything other than our best work. At the end of our service, you can rest assured that you will have a perfect, uniform, and vibrant lawn that truly enhances your property.

Client-Approved Sod Company

Thanks to the hard work and dedication we have put into our sod installation service, we have had the honor of creating many satisfied clients. Discover the amazing testimonials we have received over our time in business to get an idea of our commitment to excellence. Everything from the sod rolls that we source to the way we treat you and your property is indicative of a company that truly cares about providing exceptional service.

Call Today for Sod Installation in Nolensville!

Are you interested in having a beautiful lawn at a fraction of the time and costs of classic seeding? Do you want to reduce noise to your home, and deter pests from your area? Are you interested in protecting ground water, fighting climate change, and increasing the oxygen levels for your community? Do you want to increase the market value of your home, almost instantly?

Call Knights Landscaping Construction And Design today at (615) 462-7937 to set up an assessment of your property and start the journey towards the lawn of your dreams. We guarantee that you will instantly see the difference in your lawn with our refined sod process.